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MailVICE End User Interface

Your first experience with MailVICE will be through the user interface. Here, you will manage your VICE, Verified Sender Directory, and blocked sender lists, and your settings wizard.

Your VICE will contain all email destined for your inbox, but were held by MailVICE because nothing in your Verified Sender Directory allowed it to pass through. This gives you the opportunity to tell MailVICE about email you wish to receive in the future, or just deliver one to see what it really is. Junk just stays in the VICE until it expires.

The Verified Sender Directory is comprised of email address / sending network pairs. This list goes above and beyond the typical trusted sender list by also providing a provable source for Verified Sender email.

Not only will we white-list the email address, but we also want to know where that person sends their email from to prevent spoofing.

This is one of the most powerful features in MailVICE. The patent-pending technology that drives this verification scheme performs a thorough investigation on every email destined for your inbox.

The settings wizard runs you through a series of questions that will guide MailVICE in its decisions when handling your incoming email. For instance, the settings wizard will determine if you want people who send you email to participate in populating your Verified Sender Directory.

Basically, you can have MailVICE send a verification email back to those who sent you email for the first time, as long as the email passes network verification. MailVICE does not bombard the internet with verification email that goes to bogus addresses.

The response back to the sender will ask them to type a few fuzzy letters into a box to make sure that there is at least a human on the other side; successfully doing so will automatically add their email address and sending network to your Verified Sender Directory.

If someone completed the verification email and automatically added themselves to your Verified Sender Directory (if you had MailVICE configured to do so), you can transfer that entry from your Verified Sender Directory to your blocked sender list if you wish to never receive email from them again.

Spam usually contains bogus return email addresses causing the MailVICE verification emails to simply bounce. Spammers send out millions of emails, and they don't like to get hundreds of thousands of bounces back from spam that didn't make it into someone's inbox.

Spam almost always contains a link they want you click on and spammers never ask you to reply to their email. Because of this, the verification emails are kept out of spammer's hands.

Other settings include a personal note you can include in verification email, whether or not you want a daily MailVICE Digest Report, how you want MailVICE to treat obvious spam, and how you want MailVICE to treat suspicious email. The setting wizard explains all of this and even offers recommendations.

The daily MailVICE Digest Report is designed to do two things. First, since you can get one everyday, it shows you all email that was trapped in the last 24 hours, sorted from newest to oldest. Second, it keeps you from having to constantly check the VICE for possible legitimate email. You can even get to your VICE from the report, already logged into the right view, with one click.