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MailVICE Fortress Service

The MailVICE Fortress service is a turn-key hosted email solution that resides inside our hardened, high-performance, redundant network directly on the Internet backbone. Rock-solid reliability with MailVICE's unmatched protection is combined with virus scanning, POP3, SMTP, and web mail access to provide email service like no other.

If you don't have your own email server, this is the product for you. [Read more...]

MailVICE Barricade Service

The MailVICE Barricade service is a remote SMTP firewall for companies with their own email servers. MailVICE Barricade acts as the outer ring of a bastioned network model with the customer's server safely on the inner ring leaving directory harvests, spam blasts, worm storms, and other denial of service attacks pointed safely away from their own bandwidth, servers, and entire network.

If you have your own email server using bandwidth that is either limited (under 10 megabit) or not multi-homed (using only one provider), this is the product for you. [Read more...]

MailVICE Post Office Suite

The MailVICE Post Office Suite is a complete SMTP border sentinel for major enterprises and government agencies. Customized packages able to process up to 131 MILLION messages per minute, through MailVICE's distributed processing architecture, can be tooled to the exact demands of your enterprise or agency policies.

If your needs are far beyond the scope of off-the-self offerings, this might be the product for you. [Read more...]

The MailVICE End User Interface

All MailVICE products use the same web-based user interface whether housed on our servers or the customer's own. This interface has a settings wizard, Verified Sender Directory, block list, email transaction history, and the VICE, where unverified email awaits its fate. Although the interface is both visually stunning and very effective, most users will seldom actually find the need to venture into it. Always remember that the best way to use MailVICE is to simply forget it's there. [Read more...]

The MailVICE Administrator Interface

All MailVICE products also include a special web-based interface for system administrators and help desk personnel. This interface is used to manage the top level settings for the domain and gain easy access to each user's individual interface for support and diagnostic tasks.

This interface is designed to be a compact and straight-to-the-point gateway into MailVICE's control and logging functions. Like the end user interface, it's there to give you control if you need it, but don't expect to actually spend much time using it. [Read more...]