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Privacy Policy

Because we gather information about our customers, you should fully understand the terms and conditions surrounding the capture and use of that information. MailVICE gathers two types of information about users: Data that users provide to us to obtain services and software from our site; Aggregated tracking information derived mainly by totaling page views on our site. Such information enables us to know who our customers are and helps us to understand the interests of those surfing our site. Safe4Mail does not provide this information to any other third parties under any circumstances. Email us with any questions regarding this statement.

Usage tracking
MailVICE tracks user traffic patterns throughout the Safe4Mail website and this information is correlated with data about individual users. Overall usage statistics, according to a user's domain name, browser type and MIME type recorded by reading this information from the browser string (information contained in every user's browser), are also broken down.
A cookie is a small data file that certain Web sites write to your hard drive when you visit them. A cookie file can contain information such including a user ID that the site uses to track the pages you've visited. But the only personal information a cookie can contain is information you supply yourself. A cookie can't read data off your hard disk or read cookie files created by other sites. MailVICE uses cookies to track the items you add to your shopping cart and to enforce security rules regarding software that you utilize to use MailVICE email. If you've set your browser to warn you before accepting cookies, you will receive the warning message with each cookie. You can refuse cookies by turning them off in your browser. However, you need to have cookies turned on to sign up for the free trial or to purchase a MailVICE email account.
Use of the information
MailVICE does not track what individual users read, but rather how well each page performs overall. Safe4Mail never shares individual personal information with anyone.
Compact Policy Summary
The compact policy which corresponds to this policy is:


The following list explains the meaning of each field in the compact policy.

  • CP= This is the compact policy header; it indicates that what follows is a P3P compact policy.
  • NOI= No identifiable information is collected, so no access is possible.
  • DSP= The policy contains at least one dispute-resolution mechanism.
  • COR= Violations of this policy will be corrected.
  • LAW= Privacy law specifies penalties for a violation of this policy.
  • CURa= The data is used for completion of the current activity.
  • ADMa= The data is used for site administration.
  • DEVa= The data is used for research and development.
  • TAIa= The data is used for tailoring the site.
  • OUR= The data is given to ourselves and our agents.
  • BUS= Our business practices specify how long the data will be kept.
  • IND= The data will be kept indefinitely.
  • UNI= Unique identifiers are collected.
  • COM= Computer information is collected.
  • NAV= Navigation and clickstream data is collected.
  • STA= State-management data is collected
Unsubscribe Policy
Users may unsubscribe to any of our services by giving notice in writing to us via email.