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2. No Spam, Ever

How can we do this? With every other anti-spam product, spammers always find a new way to slip you spam. The answer is simple: MailVICE doesn't treat the symptom, it treats the disease.


Anti-spam products work by scanning email contents to determine which messages are most likely to be spam. This method is effective but falls short of eliminating your spam problem. The reason is that spammers always find a way around your anti-spam program. MailVICE always works because it only cares about who is allowed to send you email.

With almost half a BILLION emails processed, MailVICE has never delivered a single piece of spam and it has never lost a single piece of legitimate email.

"I can't believe what I'm seeing! I used to receive so much spam it was hard to find my real email. Now all I get are the real emails I've been looking for. I'm blown away. Oh yeah, and those fake emails from eBay, PayPal and Citibank are gone too! I don't care how you did it, but THANK YOU!" - Rachel H., a satisfied MailVICE Customer


Since MailVICE is able to tell whether or not email REALLY came from the alleged sender, it stops much more than simple spam. "Phishing attacks" are identity theft tools that show up in just about everyone's inbox sooner or later. They claim to be from your bank or other online company like eBay, but are really from a criminal who is trying to steal your information. Most of the fake Viagra and Rolex offers that pollute inboxes are really from criminals, too. They just want your credit card number and have no Viagra or Rolexes to send you, resulting in strange purchases on your next credit card statement.

"My many thanks to the MailVICE team! One of my members fell for a fake Citibank email before we switched to MailVICE and blamed ME. I can see the crooks still TRY to send them, but they don't get past MailVICE. You guys are the best!!!" - Murray S., a satisfied MailVICE Customer