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Just like the anti-spam products will never catch all the spam, they will also never be able to guarantee that you will never lose another legitimate email. Generally, the less spam you receive, the more legitimate email you will lose. Itís a constant balancing act to set the spam protection just high enough so that the legitimate email losses are acceptable.

Because of the intensive verification process that each email is subjected to, MailVICE is able to prove which emails should be delivered no matter what the content of the email. Almost half a BILLION emails have been verified and MailVICE has not lost a single legitimate email.

Some of our users are so shocked when their inbox is fixed by MailVICE that they think their email is broken! Donít worry, this is what itís like not to have to filter through all that junk email anymore.
"My newspaper receives email from all over the world requesting advertising, responding to information requests, and asking for reprint permission for our articles. Before MailVICE, we couldn't do better than losing about a quarter of these requests if we used enough spam filtering to be able to read our mail. Now we don't have ANY problem with over loaded mailboxes and ALL requests are received. To us, this seems nothing short of a magic trick. Thanks for giving us back our email!" - Brian B., a satisfied MailVICE customer


Almost everyone who has used the Internet has used a buddy list of some type. The MailVICE Verified Sender Directory is an automatically maintained list of people who are allowed to send you email. This is becoming a common practice, but currently, only MailVICE has the technology to PROVE whether or not your verified sender is actually who they say they are. This keeps your inbox safe from ďspoofedĒ emails - an email that is really spam, but pretends to be from someone you know.

Of the 400 million emails verified and delivered to MailVICE protected email accounts, not one spoofed email has made it through the verification process. And not one single email was lost because MailVICE was trying to guess. MailVICE doesn't guess; MailVICE investigates and gets positive proof.

"I didn't really get what the Verified Sender Directory was all about at first. Initially, I thought it was just a trusted sender list like my email program has, but when MailVICE blocked email that LOOKED like it came from my sister, but was really just junk spam, it became quite apparent that MailVICE was looking at more than just a name and an email address to verify who my friends and family are. My hats off to you for whatever it took to get that working!" - Dr. Bashir, M.D., a satisfied MailVICE customer