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MailVICE Post Office Suite

Get the super-high-volume distributed processing components we use to serve the MailVICE Fortress and MailVICE Barricade services for your own high performance network. We caution interested parties that when we say "high-performance" that we mean both adequate bandwidth AND advanced architecture. Networks running email systems should be multi-homed with all required advanced routing and protected by both external and internal firewalls. MailVICE Post Office Suite requires Windows Server Family OS and appropriate server-grade hardware.

MailVICE Core Features:

  • Directory harvest attack protection
  • Denial-of-service attack protection
  • Outbound black list and worm protection
  • Smart Mail Classification system including:
    • Sending server investigation
    • Black list investigation
    • Black list intervention for Verified Senders
    • Phishing attack warning system
    • Configurable challenge-response system

  • Configurable daily digest report
  • Failsafe mail delivery system

MailVICE User Interface Features:

  • The VICE including:
    • Color coded entries from the Smart Mail Classification system
    • Dual mode search by address or header contents
    • Filter by message class
    • Trust, Deliver, and Newsletter functions for releasing trapped mail
    • Detailed information from the Smart Mail investigations
    • Full mail header access
    • Self-cleaning, zero-maintenance, zero-bother design

  • Inbound and outbound transaction logging with search
  • Automatically and manually populated Verified Sender Directory
  • Personal Block List
  • Anybody-can-do-it Settings Wizard

MailVICE Administrator Interface Features:

  • Alias management
  • Domain-at-a-glance statistics
  • Quick user interface access
  • Downloadable Expert-in-a-Day user training media

MailVICE Components and Pricing:
MailVICE Post Office Suite is a customized solution and pricing is completely determined by your individual needs. The Suite includes the following components:

  • Post Office Controller
  • Message Transfer Agent
  • Message Sorting Agent
  • Message Delivery Agent
  • IIS Com Control Suite
  • IIS ASP Interface Web Pages

At least one of each component is required to create a complete MailVICE system. All services running on a single server with quad 500 MHz Xeon CPU's, RAID 1+0 local storage, 2 gigabytes of RAM, and Windows 2003 Server OS typically process 6,000 emails per minute. Additional servers can be used to add distributed MTA's, MSA's, and MDA's to the post office to further increase throughput, and multiple IIS servers to increase application availability. The theoretical throughput of a post office with all 65,535 nodes connected using inexpensive server hardware and 100Mbit Ethernet connectivity is approximately 131 million messages per minute.

Larger installations using enterprise-class servers and SAN's connected via high speed OC-class wide-area interconnections may achieve globally load balanced throughput exceeding a billion messages per minute with full redundancy. MailVICE's limits are mostly defined by the hardware and network architecture used. Utilizing multiple enterprise-class MailVICE post offices yields unlimited throughput.

MailVICE Post Office Suite licensing prohibits use for resale.