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MailVICE Barricade Service

Hide your entire network from the perils of email by using our attack-ready network as the outer ring of your own bastioned network. Save enough bandwidth and server administration time to pay for our service.

MailVICE Core Features:

  • Directory harvest attack protection
  • Denial-of-service attack protection
  • Outbound black list and worm protection
  • Smart Mail Classification system including:
    • Sending server investigation
    • Black list investigation
    • Black list intervention for Verified Senders
    • Phishing attack warning system
    • Configurable challenge-response system

  • Configurable daily digest report
  • Failsafe mail delivery system

MailVICE User Interface Features:

  • The VICE including:
    • Color coded entries from the Smart Mail Classification system
    • Dual mode search by address or header contents
    • Filter by message class
    • Trust, Deliver, and Newsletter functions for releasing trapped mail
    • Detailed information from the Smart Mail investigations
    • Full mail header access
    • Self-cleaning, zero-maintenance, zero-bother design

  • Inbound and outbound transaction logging with search
  • Automatically and manually populated Verified Sender Directory
  • Personal Block List
  • Anybody-can-do-it Settings Wizard

MailVICE Administrator Interface Features:

  • Alias management
  • Domain-at-a-glance statistics
  • Quick user interface access
  • Downloadable Expert-in-a-Day user training media

Barricade Service Benefits:

  • Retain control of your email server
  • Remove the administrative problems created by excessive spam loads
  • Free up an average of 80% of your email bandwidth
  • Hide your mail server from the world eliminating the possibility of SMTP denial of service attacks
  • Gain access to consolidated logs for each easily locatable email passing through your mail system
  • Enforce compliance with email retention policies (archival service available at an additional charge)

This service is priced competitively at $2.00 USD per email address per month*, subject to minimums with volume discounts for each hundred email addresses (inquire with your distributor).

We recommend that you take advantage of our free DNS hosting to insure the highest level of availability for your domain to the rest of the Internet.

* Email addresses are counted daily and averaged at the end of the billing cycle. For instance if your domain deleted one address and added another half way through the month, it would count as ONE address for the month.