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If you want to filter spam, get a spam filter.

If you want to SOLVE your email problem, get MAILVICE!

What is MailVICE?

Ironically, MailVICE is NOT an anti-spam program, but because of what MailVICE does, you won't receive any spam. Think of it as pro-email rather than anti-spam.

MailVICE stops the war against spam, phishing attacks, and other inbox intrusions by adding the missing components to the email equation. These complex components remove the burden of abusers from system administrators and end users alike and return email to the inexpensive, powerful communications medium that it was intended to be.

Is MailVICE what you are looking for?

  1. MailVICE WORKS. The three primary implementation considerations are: user friendliness, system administrator work load reduction, and system performance in a hostile environment.

  2. MailVICE can handle any size operation, including yours. Our existing customer base includes companies of all sizes, civic organizations, and even entire national ISP's.

  3. MailVICE is priced very competitively against many products that don't work as well.

Learn more about the basic concepts of MailVICE based on the benefits to the end user. And read more about the products we offer and pricing. Email us if you have specific questions to your enterprise-wide or ISP implementation.

does your current email program work for you or against you?

  • How many spams do you and/or your users get now?
  • How much sys admin time is spent dealing with spam?
  • How much time do your users spend dealing with spam?
  • Do you have to keep adding new email filters?
  • Are your users tired of upkeeping their whitelist?
  • Are you wasting a lot of bandwidth on receiving/filtering spam?
  • Do you need a turnkey email solution?

If the answer to any of these questions is "yes" let MailVICE give you a free estimate for a spam-free email solution.