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Most anti-spam products have a useful life of FOUR HOURS (and we're not kidding) before they need to be re-tuned. That's how long it takes the spammer community to figure out how to beat them. MailVICE uses patented technology that allows us to ignore this spam war and it never has to change to keep up. MailVICE cannot be fooled by spammers.

"I was really impressed with an online spam service so I spent days moving my whole company to use it. By the time the move was finished, I noticed it wasn't working as well. By the end of the next week it wasn't working at all! Then all of the sudden it was working again, but we were loosing a lot of email. Then it broke again. This crazy cycle has been making my life even worse than it was before. What can I do?" - Stephenie W., now a satisfied MailVICE customer



One of the worst problems with constant changes in spam protection methods is that they are incredibly confusing and it takes as much time to tweak the software as it does to just delete your spam. Since the rules change daily, there's no way to guess what email will be lost today and how much spam will make it through tomorrow. How many ways can you misspell Viagra so it slips by a spam filter? MailVICE users don't have to worry about this because MailVICE works the same every day.

"I'm so sick of not being able to tell what my ISP's spam software is going to do with my email! Some days, I get my industry newsletters, some days I don't. Some days, I can discuss certain topics with my customers, and other days those topics are forbidden. And I NEVER KNOW WHICH DAY IS WHICH!!! I'm pulling my hair out. Email used to be the greatest thing since the invention of the fax machine and now I can't trust it." - Jacqueline M., now a satisfied MailVICE customer