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MailVICE Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to common questions handled by our support staff, along with some tips and tricks that we have found useful and presented here as questions.


How do I get into my MailVICE?

Logging into MailVICE is as simple visiting with your web browser and entering your full email address and email password.

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Why can't I log into MailVICE?

This is either a typo in which case you need to retype your email address or password more carefully next time, or, you are not using a valid email address or password.  If you're certain about your email address, then verify your email password because MailVICE authenticates your password directly from your email account.

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How do I configure my MailVICE?

It doesn't get any easier.  Once logged into MailVICE, just follow through the setup wizard and let it choose the default settings all the way through to the end.  That's it!

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Can I download MailVICE and install it?

No.  MailVICE is not downloadable or installable on any machine.

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Can I delete the spam messages from my MailVICE quarantine?

No, you don't have to delete anything from MailVICE.  MailVICE does it automatically after 7 days.

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Should I block the senders that are spamming me?

No.  It probably won't help to block them since they're going to change their email address anyways.

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I have my own Exchange server.  Can I still use MailVICE?

Yes.  MailVICE would reside between your Exchange server and the trillions of spammers on the internet and filter spam out before it gets to your server.

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How do I release a message from MailVICE?

Simply check the box next to the message(s) in MailVICE and click one of 2 options at the top  1) Trust  2) Deliver  If you are unsure of the sender, choose 'Deliver'.  If you trust the sender choose 'Trust', and they're permanently trusted.

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Can I use MailVICE anywhere?

Yes.  You can log into your MailVICE from anywhere in the world using a web browser with internet access.

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How can I use MailVICE to protect multiple email address'?

You can use MailVICE per email address separately, or have your email administrator utilize MailVICE's Administrative login that enables Alias's to be assigned that will point to your primary email address so you only have to check 1 email account in MailVICE.

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Can I get reports on my spam activity?

Yes.  Once per day you will receive a "Daily Digest Report" that will show you a list of "Unknown Senders", "Possible Spam", "Apparent Spam", etc. in addition to a piece-count on spam blocked, emails sent and emails received.  With a quick glance at this report, you might not even need to check MailVICE for that day.

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What are the recommended settings for a good MailVICE configuration?

Believe it or not, but the configuration wizard automatically chooses the ideal settings for all aspects of inbound message processing.

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I'm missing an email, why did MailVICE catch it?

This usually means that MailVICE is set to 'tight', and you should go through the configuration wizard once more to refine your settings.  Let MailVICE choose your settings for you.

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What do I do if I still receive spam messages?

Your MailVICE settings are set far off, and you need to go through the configuration wizard.  This time, let MailVICE choose the default settings.

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If I use ALL default settings, do I still have to log in?

If you use the default settings, including the Daily Digest report settings, you NEVER have to log in to MailVICE. As a matter of fact the biggest objective of MailVICE is to keep the user from having a second inbox to keep up with.

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