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Small businesses most often "host" their email with someone else so their spam-filtering fate is left in the hands of the hosting company. As we mentioned, most spam filtering methods loose more email when they identify more spam. When a hosting company is trying to make this decision for all of its customers, the needs of the individual businesses are lost. Although all businesses suffer, some types of business that have naturally "spammy" email, like mortgage and insurance agencies, find themselves completely lost in the shuffle.

"It's hard enough to be in business without having our communication lines with our customers constantly being broken. I had my ISP turn off our spam filtering and installed our own software all over the office because I was led to believe we could do better ourselves. After spending all that money for 9 copies of this software, we're NO BETTER OFF! You guys claim you have the answer, so tell me how to fix this." - Rick G., now a satisfied MailVICE customer


As businesses grow, they often host their email on their own servers. This used to be a fairly easy thing to do, but as the spam problem has grown, so have the resources required to keep a mail server running. Spam wastes bandwidth, machinery, and personnel time. MailVICE acts as an application-layer SMTP firewall, taking a mail server from over-burdened to almost idle.

"I am the Director of IT for a 1000 plus employee company. We have a major spam problem, and since we are hosting our own email, it is my responsibility to make sure that email gets delivered. Over the last few months, our mail server seems to be dying from the load of incoming email that looks to be 90% spam. Even though we have anti-spam software loaded on our mail server, it does not seem to be helping much. It does reduce the amount of spam my users receive by about 80%, but its not helping the load on our mail server or our internet connection and it's starting to make me look bad. Can MailVICE do something about this?" - Susan T., now a satisfied MailVICE customer


MailVICE was actually created by an ISP with a spam problem so bad, it almost put us out of business. All of the problems talked about on this page were common complaints from customers and there was no way to keep them happy. They would quit and change providers just to find the same problem at their new ISP. Harvesting attacks were coming so fast and heavy that they often prevented real email from getting in at all. The more bandwidth and machinery we devoted to email, the bigger the problem got. A company that survived the "dot com slash" was on its knees in the face of the ultimate DDoS attack.

"We've got two choices at this point. We can either slowly go out of business or find some way to deal with this email problem differently. The bandwidth is maxed out, the routers are swamped, the mail servers are choking, and the customers are leaving. We're never going to win this war and we're leaving the battle field one way or another. We've had a good run, but I AM NOT ready to roll over and let these crooks win. I've got an idea and I want to know what you all think about it..." - Steve Jackson, InterQoS Online, Inc., in a staff meeting the day MailVICE was born


By "individual", we mean someone who uses emails for personal communication like friends and family, online shopping, online banking, and other activities that are "just because you want to". When using email this way, spam builds as your email address finds its way around the Internet through online greeting card sites and other address collection schemes. These addresses often find their way into the hands of criminals. MailVICE protects you from these criminals.

Ever been afraid of putting your email address into a web page before? Afraid they are going to sell your email address to a spammer? With MailVICE, you can surf to any website and put your email address in KNOWING that you will not receive spam from them. How many spams would you get if you put your email address into every web site on the planet that would take it? ZERO.

It is important to note that in order to control your email, you have to take the first step and control your email domain. With domain registration costing less than $10.00 per year, many families have registered their own domains to avoid having to ever change their email address again because they switched Internet Service Providers.

"I can't take it any more! I'm afraid to bank or shop online. I can't tell the difference in these fake emails and the real ones any more. Email from my family gets lost and I have pages of spam to try to read through every day to find real messages. I'm a 62 year old grandfather and I don't need to enlarge ANYTHING, if you know what I mean. I never thought in my whole life that I could get used to seeing some of the pure trash that I look at every day. If you people have any way to help me, please just tell me what I have to do." - Jack H., now a satisfied MailVICE customer