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It's really hard to describe how well MailVICE works to someone who has seen or used other spam control software because they try to imagine MailVICE using the same broken methods. After reading pages about all the great things MailVICE does, most people also have a false impression that it must be a lot of work. NEITHER IS TRUE. Using MailVICE is simply using your email minus all the intrusive junk and with a new confidence that your real email won't get lost because it has a spam word in it. We do provide powerful tools for total control, but these tools don't become the center of your email life: They are there if you want them and they don't bother you if you don't.

"This thing sure works great! You know I've always been very proud of your work, but I've never really understood anything you do either. I just can't believe how easy you made this. I was nervous when you told me you wanted me to try it, but there's nothing to it and it WORKS GREAT!" - The mother of one of MailVICE's inventors


With MailVICE, you are in absolute control over your email. Setting up the MailVICE service takes only a few minutes and a systems specialist will help with every step. To fully customize each inbox, a web-based wizard asks five non-technical questions about your email habits.

MailVICE holds email that it knows is suspicious in "The VICE" just in case you want to see it. This provides the absolute assurance that MailVICE hasn't lost anything. Unlike a first-generation quarantine, the The VICE is designed to keep you from having to use it as a second inbox. You also have the option of receiving a daily report containing the new entries in The VICE. Summed up, this feature is used mostly for new users to feel comfortable that MailVICE is doing its job properly because they have had bad experiences with lost email.

The Verified Sender Directory that MailVICE uses to decide who to let through "the velvet rope" is automatically maintained and contains unprecedented security to protect you. Again, you have the option of direct control of the Directory, but for normal operations, you are not required to do anything but use your email for it to work.

"My company used to use a similar product to yours and I really hated it because it was like having TWO inboxes to deal with (as if one weren't enough)! Sure, my real inbox was usually real email, but there was little difference in cleaning out my 'spam box' than there was with my real inbox and no spam filter. The only real advantage was I got to most of my real email faster, but in the end it saved no time. I was very suspicious when our IT guy told us we were changing to your system. But I have to admit I was absolutely wrong. Your stuff works without having to scour the junk box looking for the real ones. My compliments." - Debbie L., a satisfied MailVICE customer