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The Pro-Email Company

Although IQ provided the extreme motivation and high-stress test environment needed to produce something like MailVICE, the technology itself remained a property of Steve Jackson and Mike Walker who privately funded its development.  IQ continued to use MailVICE to solve its email and support problems in exchange for both the statistical performance data and user experience information.  After three solid years of having a $10,000 reward in place for any user who could bring us a spam that was allowed to pass through to the inbox uninvited, we know conclusively that MailVICE works.  After 1.17 BILLION emails, the $10,000 prize remained unclaimed and we finally felt comfortable with our assertion of victory over spam.

It became obvious early on that IQ lacked the marketing engine required to take advantage of this kind of property. Various attempts were made through IQ and other routes considered until finally, in 2006, a new company was formed to manage the existing assets and continued research.  This new company, Ingenious Systems Research, LLC, added the executive skills of J.C. “Duke” Thompson as its captain and immediately formed a relationship with an outside sales organization.

Argent Solutions, Inc. seemed to be a good fit for our needs.  MailVICE was a fledging product that offered an entirely new means to solve an old problem.  Bringing such a product into the broader market was a job well suited for a company that had already had success with a similar venture, the SlipStream accelerator. Argent currently serves as the exclusive wholesaler of MailVICE.

Our story continues to unfold as MailVICE quietly and steadily does the job for which it was created.  In three years, the basic engine behind MailVICE hardly changed at all.  Even the user interface has remained mostly unchanged.  Because we left no way for the spammers to make new tricks, we don’t have things like pattern updates or regular upgrades.  The benefit of this is a big decrease in administrative requirements and, perhaps much more importantly, a consistency in the user experience that can’t be found anywhere else.

New chapters of our story will include continued research with new projects like our own DNS black list subscription service using MailVICE and FST traffic to publish highly reliable abuse data on mail servers.  We would also eventually like to gain formal recognition from the finance industry for the air-tight anti-fraud benefits of the Forensic Sender Test.  We hope you’ll be reading about our future successes soon in a major media outlet.

Contact Information

You can speak with a MailVICE sales support agent from Argent Solutions at +1.415.226.3300 or email MailVICE Sales Support.