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Growing Up

By this time, the company had grown beyond the capacity of a simple home town operation.  The administrative burden of operating IQ began to interfere withWalker's ability to maintain the high quality of network services.  In 2002, he began to search for new administrative management to relieve this burden. As he executed his search, he found the task to be much more difficult than he originally thought.  None of the candidates for the position were willing to operate within the company's original directives. The search continued as administrative tasks were allowed to slide in favor of engineering tasks.

Finally, in early 2003, Walker found his solution in the most unlikely of places: a customer. Steve Jackson, a database engineer and software designer with a management and accounting background, had been an application hosting customer of IQ's for several years.  Jackson understood both the reasons behind the company's directives and their results.

The task of restructuring IQ into a mid-sized enterprise began immediately and was completed in late 2003 with IQ's rebirth as InterQoS Online, Inc., a privately held Tennessee corporation. Internal administrative departments were created, new staff hired, communication channels defined, and existing staff organized into units. Customer service was improved, efficiency increased, and financial stability restored.

With IQ's new capacities, the company's reach continued to expand. Unmatched attention to detail and quality of service continued to be our competitive edge.  As much as this seemed to be a positive distinction at the time, we quickly discovered the risks of extremely high customer expectations as the spammers began turning their previously annoying abuses into an all out war.

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