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End-User Benefits

Our anti-spam technology is extremely effective in blocking unwanted email.

  1. Simple
    MailVICE is easy to use. And you will not believe how much time you save because MailVICE will take care of the spam before it even reaches you.

  2. Effective
    MailVICE uses "sender authentication" to screen out the source of known spammer servers. MailVICE only "quarantees" and challenges emails from unknown senders when they come from verified okay source servers. And MailVICE sends right through "known" senders from "known" sources. MailVICE does not need to analyze the content of an email. MailVICE is the next generation of managing spam making it highly effective.

  3. Manageable
    MailVICE is easy to manage. You only have to check a "quaranteed" list of emails if they are from "known" senders but from "unknown" server sources. Otherwise, MailVICE just takes care of the known bad sources and just sends through the known senders from known good sources.

  4. Protective
    MailVICE can apply the verification process to your existing POP3 and IMAP email addresses. Email from known senders is delivered to your account without delay. Unknown email is placed in the pending queue to await verification. You can access your spam-free email through MailVICE webmail interface or via pop using any email client.

  5. Cost-effective
    MailVICE is an affordable solution for everyone. There is a 30-day free trial for the end-user product and after that, we are confident you will be convinced of the time-saving benefits of MailVICE and there are extremely cost-effective payment plans we can discuss with you.

Administrator Benefits

Our anti-spam technology is extremely effective in blocking unwanted email.

  1. Simple
    With MailVICE's easy-to-use and highly flexible outsourced solutions, customers do not need to install hardware or software at their server or workstations, nor are there any ongoing maintenance or update requirements. As a result, email users and network administrators can remain focused and productive.

  2. Effective
    It's quite easy to understand. Incoming mail to an individual or a company's network is simply redirected through MailVICE's robust, high-performance system, allowing not messages but senders to be screened before reaching the company's network or the individuals email program. If MailVICE analyzes the source to be valid but the sender to be unknown, it "quarantees" that email for the user to okay or definitely tag as spam. Analyzing the source rather than the message content means NO spam really ever gets through - only "known" senders from "known" sources go directly through.

  3. Reduce Network Traffic
    Network traffic and email server congestion can be greatly reduced with MailVICE, allowing information infrastructure to function properly without the overhead of unwanted communications.

  4. End-User Spam Relief
    With MailVICE, email users immediately benefit from spam relief without sacrificing the speed of their email program and without having to learn or use a complex and more time-consuming spam management system.

  5. Cost-Effective
    Not only are there "soft cost" benefits with MailVICE, such as time savings and productivity, but there are actual "hard cost" benefits such as the reduction of network traffic and bandwidth costs. The ROI of MailVICE will impress you!