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MailVICE Administrator Interface

As the Domain Administrator, you have total control over both domain policy and individual accounts. You get unfettered access to each account's settings, quarantines, and sender lists.

As far as administrative tasks needed to be performed, there are very few. In fact, the creation and deletion of accounts is totally automatic. You set policy before users log in, and MailVICE does the rest.

Ongoing "maintenance" is not required, but there are tools available to you that will make your administrative life much easier.

First, MailVICE user management is totally automatic. All you have to do is create a user on your mail server, and send a piece of email from the outside of your network to that account. As soon as MailVICE receives the email, it turns to your network and checks to see if that user exists. If it does, MailVICE creates the account. Of course, you could also go to the MailVICE user interface and log in as that new user. MailVICE performs an SMTP Authentication to authenticate the user anyway, and if the account doesn't exist on the MailVICE Network, its created at that time.

If you decide to delete a user on your servers, MailVICE will detect this within a few hours and automatically delete the account. This keeps a very accurate relationship between your user base and MailVICE.

How many times have you been asked to track down why an email never made it to its destination? Back in the early 1990's email was so reliable that digging through SMTP logs was a "blue moon" event. Now, in some cases its an every day event.

With MailVICE, investigating email transactions is a snap. Having all mail going into your network coming from the MailVICE Network, and all your outbound email going out through the MailVICE Network means MailVICE sees everything that's going in both directions.

At a moments notice, you can verify the status of every mail transaction for any user.

And if general status is not good enough, one more click gives you the entire mail header, full SMTP log, and full MailVICE transaction report. No more parsing through SMTP logs to piece together what happened.

But not only do YOU have access to this information, so does each user. Now, a user can verify the delivery of their own email.

See a received email detail log.