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Surviving the "Dot Com Slash"

As you may have already read, MailVICE was created by the owners of an ISP to solve their own email problems.  That ISP, simply known as "IQ", started by offering the East Tennessee (USA) region the first locally-owned high-performance Internet backbone network in the mid 1990's. [ Read more... ]

Growing Up

Steve Jackson, an IQ customer, entered the management picture reorganizing and expanding the company to an enterprise even more available to customers. [ Read more... ]

The Ultimate Dilemma

Spammers suddenly threatened the company's very existence with nothing short of unprovoked acts of war nearly turning the final chapter of IQ into an obituary. [ Read more... ]

Stop the Bleeding

The first priority was to restore order to our failing email systems.  The biggest threat was from the directory harvest attacks that delivered no real email, but simply used high speed probes to test for the existence of MILLIONS of combinations of email addresses in password cracking style. [ Read more... ]

Tackling Spam

The next step was to figure out what do with the spam itself.  A team was formed and real-time black lists (RBL's) were researched extensively.  A set of 14 reliable lists was produced. [ Read more... ]

Sender Authentication: The Final Frontier

This sender filtering would have worked well if we had been able to see that emails coming from spammers with our addresses as the SENDERS were fake. [ Read more... ]

A Bad Option Gone Good

These methods were compiled into a test program and added to the mail sorter.  The mail sorter was now a forensic investigator whose purpose is to prove spammers are lying about their identity. [ Read more... ]

The Pro-Email Company

Although IQ provided the extreme motivation and high-stress test environment needed to produce something like MailVICE, the technology itself remained a property of Steve Jackson and Mike Walker who privately funded its development. [ Read more... ]

Contact Information

You can speak with a MailVICE sales support agent from Argent Solutions at +1.415.226.3300 or email MailVICE Sales Support.